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Also, they take up so little time individually that at first thought it seems foolish to try to improve or eliminate them. For example, a little girl, aged two and a quarter years, happened when throwing a ball at random to jerk it over her head, and was seized with […]

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Rubens had great facility of execution, and seldom went into the details. An instance of its application in 1468 has, in fact, been recorded, which resulted in the execution of Sir Thomas Coke, Lord Mayor of London;[1822] and in 1485, Innocent VIII. The boy C., early in the third year, […]

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Labour word 200 about essay sports. If any one, bolder than the rest, wanted to ward off the blows that fell in showers, or to retaliate on the assailants, he was held back or turned out as one who longed to bring an old house about their ears. They exert […]

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Consider the one case of French fiction. Massinger is nearer to Restoration comedy, and more like his contemporary, Shirley, in assuming a certain social level, certain distinctions of class, as a postulate of his comedy. Her habits of saving (if the report be true) prove her love of money, the […]

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What the ancients called Rhythmus, what we call Time or Measure, is the connecting principle of those two arts; Music consisting in a succession of a certain sort of sounds, and Dancing in a succession of a certain sort of steps, gestures, and motions, regulated according to time or measure, […]

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Our imagination therefore attaches the idea of shame to all violations of faith, in every circumstance and in every situation. Some of the stories, however, teach morality, and the literary style and method are beautiful and commendable, while the pictures of society are truthful. This inquiry may conveniently be pursued […]

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architecture project thesis for. Nor do we need to push this principle to an extreme. In Friezland and Zealand, there are more than three hundred villages overwhelmed, and their ruins continue still visible on a clear day. Allen observes, ‘In electricity we contrive, by mechanical means, to collect the loose […]

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thinking là ch critical d gì. The sense of Tasting certainly does not. In former days a large wooden cross presented itself a considerable height above and from the centre of the steeple, which rendered it still more conspicuous, and prior to 1818 it became so decayed, that it was […]

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But truth is not opinion, or assertion, or hope, or faith, or in the words of Huxley “those idols built up of books and traditions and fine-spun ecclesiastical cobwebs.” Truth and all its derivatives–honesty, integrity, truthfulness and sincerity–have an intrinsic value of their own, for their negation implies the negation […]