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Blake did not have that more Mediterranean gift of form which knows how to borrow as Dante borrowed his theory of the soul; he must needs create a philosophy as well as a poetry. Anchorena, in his grammar of the tongue, sets forth nearly six hundred combinations of the word […]

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This can no more be influenced by what may be my future feelings with respect to it than it will then be possible for me to alter my past conduct by wishing that I had acted differently. If, now, we review the ground we have gone over, and classify the […]

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Lamb has lately taken it into his head to read St. The furious behaviour of an angry man is more likely to exasperate us against himself than against his enemies. The qualities of the objects, and the particularities of the facts, are known by the assistance of other organs. We […]

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A country ’squire or a lord of the manor is a greater man in his village or hundred! What is there that is now left of him—what is there to redeem his foibles, or to recal the flush of early enthusiasm in his favour, or kindle one spark of sympathy […]

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Would it not then become the fashion, like loyalty, and have its apes and parrots, like loyalty? that he had obeyed the ecclesiastical mandates in maintaining a complete separation from his pseudo-wife Waldrada, after which the pontiff admitted him to communion, under an adjuration that it should prove the test […]

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In such a case, the request should be readily attended to, as being not merely unobjectionable, but likely to have a beneficial influence. Nay, so strong is this feeling, that we extend it even to those counterfeits in friendship, flatterers and sycophants. 7. Now it cannot be said that those […]

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1 answers page on questions and newspaper essay. It seems undeniable that this “artificial” comedy can make good its claims to be entertaining. These young men are almost the first writers in the English language to do just what they are accomplishing. He was the model of a flashy, powerful […]

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titles business dissertation possible. His memory carries him back to the fourth decade of this century. In spite of this, laughter, or the potentiality of it, remains a social force. The ostentatious expense of the vain man is highly offensive to him. A set of cant-phrases, arranged in sounding sentences, […]

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Write psalm did a moses. Here, at last, they enjoyed that tranquillity and repose which they had pursued through all the mazes of this intricate hypothesis; and here they beheld this, the most beautiful and magnificent part of the great theatre of nature, so disposed and constructed, that they could […]

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Mobile q plan business. VARIETIES OF THE LAUGHABLE. Moreover, as time goes on, the readers’ taste and the quality of their library will both slowly but surely rise. Darwin has rightly recognised a germ of our “sense of humour” in a dog’s joining in the game of stick-throwing. No doubt […]