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In the _Esprit des Lois_, in 1748, Montesquieu stamped his reprobation on the system with a quiet significance which showed that he had on his side all the great thinkers of the age, and that he felt argument to be mere surplusage.[1869] Voltaire did not allow its absurdities and incongruities […]

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Shapes and colours of all varieties, and of gorgeous tint, intercept our view of what we were. Together they made up his world: literature, politics, riding to hounds. ?. When Providence divided the earth among a few lordly masters, it neither forgot nor abandoned those who seemed to have been […]

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2002 dissertation parra martha. A Whig lord appears to me as great an anomaly as a patriot king. It rarely happens, that nature can be mathematically exact with regard to the figure of the objects she produces, upon account of the infinite combinations of impulses, which must conspire to the […]

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cheap essay scholarship ghostwriter services. Yet Mrs. They learn from experience, too, that many seemingly great dangers are not so great as they appear; and that, with courage, activity, and presence of mind, there is often a good probability of extricating themselves with honour from situations where at first they […]

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We revenge injuries: we repay benefits with ingratitude. The other method, that of Mr. They are concerned when it contains books of which they disapprove, and are anxious to put on its shelves works that will interest their own people. It is not difficult to suggest possible sources of such […]

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How may the librarian, or anyone else, bring system to bear on such an evanescent thing as this? Neither is it those circumstances only, which create pain or sorrow, that call forth our fellow-feeling. Is this adequately done? Both in English and in Italian the second syllable may be accented […]

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A like remark applies to the element of disagreeable feeling which frequently, at least, makes our laughter a mixed experience:— Our sincerest laughter With some pain is fraught. If so, they will become still less like gay-hearted children than they now are, and will have to brighten the chamber of […]

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His whole ambition is to obtain the approbation of his own fellow-citizens; and as they are all animated by the same hostile passions which animate himself, he can never please them so much as by enraging and offending their enemies. Now, in the library, the parts of our machine are […]