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Essay sample legal writing essay. It is the benevolent passions only which can exert themselves without any regard or attention to propriety, and yet retain something about them which is engaging. of history on the shelves, we will say, whereas the circulation of the same class is eleven per cent. […]

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Customer service sample application letter. Prudence, for example, though, according to this philosophy, the source and principle of all the virtues, was not desirable upon its own account. That we have not to do here merely with the effect of agreeable stimulation is shown by the fact that when a […]

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_His_ common-places were not _their_ common-places.—Even Horne Tooke failed, with all his _tact_, his self-possession, his ready talent, and his long practice at the hustings. The more, the merrier; the dirtier, the warmer; live and let live, seem maxims inculcated by the climate. Where pride and vanity, angry passions, and […]

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titles law public dissertation. It is the same in both instances—the effort to express the whole proposition in one word. It will be evident that any attempt to pursue this line of inquiry will have to take note, not only of facts obtainable from the realm of primitive laughter as […]

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In the _Convivio_ we are seriously informed that the principal design [of the odes] is to lead men to knowledge and virtue, as will be seen in the progress of the truth of them; and we are also given the familiar four interpretations of an ode: literal, allegorical, moral, and […]

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how write take it 100 essay word would to. He just draws the face out of its most ordinary state, and gives it the direction he would have it take; but then every part takes the same direction, and the effect of this united impression (which is absolutely momentary and […]

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The original sense of the word was “to melt,” hence “to disappear.”[156] This became connected with the thesis for breast cancer paper idea of disappearance in death, and of ghosts and specters. Mr. This principle is fairly illustrated in a charter granted to the Venetians in the year 1111 by […]

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With difficulties of this nature to encounter, a person accustomed to the definite phonology of European tongues is naturally at a loss. The Inquisitor Sprenger, writing in 1487, therefore recommends that, when a witch cannot be forced to confess her guilt by either prayers or torture, she shall be asked […]