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Even this second illustration, besides, will not apply perfectly to the case. In the humble projects of private life, as well as in the ambitious and proud pursuits of high stations, great abilities and successful enterprise, in the beginning, have frequently encouraged to undertakings which necessarily led to bankruptcy and […]

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introduction apa research paper format sample. If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. Sometimes, as in others, suspects were brought, under judicial order, to view or touch the body. Love is the product of ease and idleness: but the painter has an […]

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He took all sorts of commonly received doctrines and notions (with an understood reserve)—reversed them, and set up a fanciful theory of his own, instead. He makes scholarships for college students 2016 essay the following interesting observation: “The natives of Yucatan are, among all the inhabitants of New Spain, especially […]

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Hamlet is not a person whose nativity is cast, or whose death is foretold by portents: he weaves the web of his destiny out of his own thoughts, and a very quaint and singular one it is. as a page on Cleopatra, and on her possible origin in the dark […]

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And what does the reader suppose is the first to be selected? Certainly it would be a most legitimate anxiety which should direct itself to the preservation of the correct forms and precise meanings of these numerous and peculiarly national designations. The latter began by declaring in a slow, solemn, […]

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It is, however, not the control of details but rather the watching of general methods and results. He looked with wonder upon the world as upon a fairyland. Hence, the play-theory of art serves particularly well for our present purpose. —– SECT. ——, ‘you will never cease to be a […]