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The decision of this question is not, I apprehend, of any importance towards establishing the reality of virtue, since self-love may frequently be a virtuous motive of action. We must not expect to find here a large field for the play of what we call the comic spirit. If it […]

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essay night for prompts. These sentiments are those which bind parent to child and child to parent, and thus supply the foundation upon which the family in the true significance of the term should rest. Haeckel proposed for the species at this period of its existence the designation _Homo alalus_, […]

Argumentative essay topics on world war 2

topics war 2 argumentative essay world on. It is high time for this talk about the Toltecs as a mighty people, precursors of the Azteca, and their instructors in the arts of civilization, to disappear from the pages of history. The souls of those inferior deities, though made out of […]

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They are certainly different, let us say, in the case of the Englishman, the American, the Scotchman and the Irishman. None of that brood will cease to love nature, I am sure, and their lives will be sweeter and better for it. One great art of women, who pretend to […]

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Does this racial similarity extend to language? In the case of the artist or the writer this influence is brought to bear generally in a financial way–by a wealthy patron who will order a picture or statue provided it accords with his own ideas–by hostile criticism, public or private, that […]

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It is the ornament which embellishes, not the foundation which supports, the building, and which it was, therefore, sufficient to recommend, but by no means necessary to impose. A few illustrations will aid in impressing these definitions on the mind. He must be made to repent and be sorry for […]

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Issa essay samples. And this is connected with an interesting fact about his vocabulary: he uses the most general word, because his emotion is never particular, never in direct line of vision, never focused; it is emotion reinforced, not by intensification, but by expansion. Innocent III. The effort to lift […]

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A well-known experiment has been adduced to elucidate this mode of action in explanation of the “trade winds.” If a long trough, divided in the middle by a sluice or partition, have one end filled with water, and the other with quick silver, both fluids will remain quiet so long […]

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The situations in which the merry god, who seems to arrange the puppet show, often chooses to place us are pregnant of ironical suggestion to the contemplative eye of humour. To convince such of their error, and to illustrate the methods employed by these native American scribes, I will present […]