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Each word of the sentence indicates by its own form the character and relation to the main proposition of the idea it represents. He is equally at a loss to connect together the peculiarities that are observed in the motions of the other heavenly bodies; the spiral motion of them […]

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Yet if we can trust the researches of Dr. Others were accidental, or such whose presence or absence had no such necessary consequences. There is morbidity in life; we cannot avoid it or overlook it. In private life do we not see hypocrisy, servility, selfishness, folly, and impudence succeed, while […]

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All the higher animals seem to share with us this highly useful capability of immediate and instantaneous recognition. The genius of the barbaric institutions and of feudalism localized power. These were all ancestral customs, inspiring implicit reverence, and forming part of the public life of the community. A numerous and […]

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Of certain kinds of the so-called serious comedy of recent times I do not propose to speak. Our own emotion in this case must, in our eyes, undoubtedly justify his. Whenever we meet, in common life, with any examples of such heroic magnanimity, we are always extremely affected. No, but […]

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To meet this, we find both in Egyptian and Chinese writing series of signs which are written but not pronounced, called “determinatives.” These indicate the class to which a word has reference. The _balam_, as I have said, is esteemed a kindly and protective being; he is affectionately referred to […]

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He was the antithesis of a man of genius; and yet he did better, by mere dint of dulness, than many men of genius. of the children he has examined pretended to bite when they were tickled, just as a puppy will do. Virginia seceded from the Union on April […]

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There is no alteration perceptible, no advance made; so that the two points of time seem to touch and coincide. [53] _Op. The boy C., at the same age, delighted in pulling his sister’s hair, and was moved by her cries only write good concluding paragraph essay to outbursts of […]

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writing and topics effect cause sample essay essay. Rousseau I must observe, that without the accompaniment of the scenery and action of the opera, without the assistance either of the scene-painter or of the poet, or of both, the instrumental Music of the orchestra could produce none of the effects […]