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The medi?val satires, such as that on cunning and treachery in the fable of the Fox, are examples. These are sometimes semi-independent and sometimes under the direct control of their municipal government. London is the first city on the habitable globe; and therefore he must be superior to every one […]

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A man grows fond of a snuffbox, of a pen-knife, of a staff which he has long made use of, and conceives something like a real love and affection for them. During the remainder of the century, the statutes of many of the Italian cities show the gradual introduction of […]

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The whole face and each separate feature is cast in the same acute or wedge-like form. For my Part I think the Learned, and Unlearned Blockhead pretty equal; for ’tis all one to me, whether a Man talk Nonsense, or Unintelligible Sense, I am diverted and edified alike by either; […]

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But we must define the framework of Dante’s poem from the result as well as from the intention. This is well put, and quite true; that is, it is the mind alone that perceives the relation and connexion between all our sensations. A man, to get on, to be successful, […]

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Transition for words essays interesting. Thirdly, because the ideas of future objects having no effect at all on my feelings or actions, and the connection between the original associated impressions being the strongest and most certain of all others, any particular train of mechanical impulses being once set in motion […]

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Even so, however, it continued to exist. Try it and see what happens. They still gather for food the _ptukquim_, walnut, literally, “round nut;” the _quinokquim_, butternut, literally, “oblong nut;” and various berries, as the _lechlochhilleth_, the red raspberry, literally, “the berry that falls to pieces.” Among utensils of ancient […]

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I do not _remember_ the feelings of any one but myself. The data on which the librarian may rely to accept or reject from a mere list of books are: 1) the author’s name; 2) the title, with such brief annotation as may follow it; 3) notices in the book […]

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homework poem i love you. 21. The seat of this faculty is one, or its impressions are communicated to the same intelligent mind, which contemplates and reacts upon them all with more or less wisdom and comprehensive power. But after a little practice I had rarely any difficulty in pronouncing […]

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These very ancient remains prove that in all important craniologic indicia the earliest Americans, those who were contemporaries of the fossil horse and other long since extinct quadrupeds, possessed the same racial character as the natives of the present day, with similar skulls and a like physiognomy.[26] We reach therefore […]