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The essay on Ralegh gives still less. Why does a woman of the town always turn round to look at another finer than herself? Here the general uniformity, immediately presented to the eye, seems to supply the spectator with the idea of a rule which the odd-looking individual is violating.[56] […]

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Hence, they were considered deleterious, and were burned wherever discovered. Their concord strengthens their necessary association: their discord always weakens, and might destroy it. The memory of your dearly loved poet will be brought to the mind of each library user–by the children’s room that bears his name, by the […]

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Fortunately, however, there are in existence excellent dictionaries, which, were they published, would be sufficient for this purpose. The force then with which the mind anticipates future pain in connection with the idea of continued consciousness can only tend to produce voluntary action by making the idea stronger: but it […]

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From that point of view the Shavian drama is a hybrid as the Maeterlinckian drama is, and we need express no surprise at their belonging to the same epoch. This increasing complexity affects both the ideational basis of the emotion and the closely connected emotional tone itself.[122] At first sight […]

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elements of an analytical essay. The large bodies prescribed for the former consisted simply of any men that could be had—of course within the recognized grades of kindred—while, for the latter, rules of varying complexity were laid down. The citizen who digs and plants his own garden must understand some […]

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term nursing papers. As a punishment legally inflicted, we find it prescribed, in 1168, by Frederic Barbarossa in cases of petty thefts,[1518] and in the next century by Frederic II. Aguilar writes of the Mayas: “They had books made from the bark of trees, coated with a white and durable […]

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Assuming, however, that the number is proportional to the number of books outstanding, we find in the New York Public Library that it has been increasing a little faster of late years than the circulation. 396. The one has been accustomed to the best company; the other has passed his […]

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Such imitations are still easier in Music. The club has the finest club house in the city, the most comfortable reading and study rooms, the finest and most useful books, the most intelligent and helpful attendants. The subject of a composition of instrumental Music is part of that composition: the […]

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The more obscure and defective the indications of merit, the greater his sagacity and candour in being the first to point them out. I ask you to consider, in this connection, the career of Ulysses S. Sergius was unjustly convicted of theft by the judicial duel, and its possessions were […]

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Application letter an as accountant for employment. When by a forcible effort we hold back our laughter this effort itself, as an artificial and difficult attitude, does much to spoil the whole experience. What at first disturbs us is not the object of the senses, but the idea of the […]