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I intend, whenever I can, to read Beaumont and Fletcher all through. In it are the remains of the trunks and roots of trees; the former broken off from three to four feet above the strata, while around lie the remaining portions consisting of the branches, leaves, &c., but very […]

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Is your collection in this class small and poor? The State of New York once attempted to regulate its library appropriation by home-use alone–so many cents per volume circulated. Augustin relates that at Milan a thief, who swore upon some holy relics with the intention of bearing false witness, was […]

Cholinergic deficit hypothesis

Still the elements were the same. Let us see, then, what some of the probabilities are in library work. They are more affected by the overturning of a plate of turtle-soup than by the starving of a whole county. He was a wretched hand, but a fine person of a […]

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S. Henry Dwight Sidgwick, who desires to improve our understanding of Dante as a “spiritual leader,” says: To Dante this literal Hell was a secondary matter; so it is to us. In dealing with these early manifestations we shall, of course, look for reactions which are spontaneous, in the sense […]

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To characterize the sentiment of the heart, upon which each particular virtue is founded, though it requires both a delicate and an accurate pencil, is a task, however, which may be executed with some degree of exactness. I suppose the references on p. If an innocent slave were crippled in […]

Cognitive dissonance theory

theory dissonance cognitive. These last had no proper or durable existence, but were in perpetual flux and succession. As the distance increases, our judgments become more and more uncertain; and at a very great distance, such as that of the fixed stars, it becomes altogether uncertain. Equal and complementary to […]

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The verb “to write” is _dzib_, which like the Greek ???????, meant also to draw and to paint. They retain the ancestral tongues and modes of thought. They demonstrated, that Venus and Mercury were sometimes above, and sometimes below the Sun; and that, consequently, the Sun, and not the Earth, […]