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After calling our attention to the fact that the effort to meet changing conditions in instruction is purely technical, he goes on: The librarian stands in the position of an engineer to whom is presented a task which by the methods of his profession he must perform. Mr. In Maya […]

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When the people at Amsterdam gathered round the balcony to look at the Miss Hornecks, he grew impatient, and said peevishly, ‘There are places where I also am admired.’ It may be said—What could their beauty have to do with his reputation? Of course I do not mean to say […]

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The rules and formularies which had regulated the exercise of power, so long as it belonged to the people, were feeble barriers to the passions and fears of C?sarism. System surely requires close conservation of valuable time; by promptness, by quickness, by keeping the cobwebs from one’s brain, and above […]

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Essay services ghostwriters top for school school. The same notion, of the spontaneous origin of the world, was embraced, too, as the same author tells, top school essay ghostwriters services for school by the early Pythagoreans, a sect, which, in the ancient world, was never regarded as irreligious. His interests, […]

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These were the country and state of society. He may believe that there is something occult about it. His enemies accused him of drunkenness, but, says Seneca, whoever objected this vice to Cato, will find it easier to prove that drunkenness is a virtue, than that Cato could be addicted […]

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What the peculiar constitution of his own mind may or may not admit of, is, perhaps, more or less a matter of doubt to every man. The evidence is all the other way.[37] I need not, therefore, delay over this part of my subject, but will proceed to inquire whether […]

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The worst falsehoods of vanity are what we call white lies: those of pride, whenever it condescends to falsehood, are all of the opposite complexion. It is not always fully realized how large a part emotional elements, which may embrace every form of sensory and erotic excitation, as well as […]

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It is therefore easy to give, as is usually done, the total registration and its annual increase. The books were ransacked, and among them were found several Greek and Latin Fathers, together with a collection of Rabbinical writings. I am aware that this is a dangerous suggestion to make. Of […]

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Sidgwick on the difference between literal and spiritual sin, we may affirm that his remarks are misleading. I could not love myself, if I were not capable of loving others. In misfortunes of the latter kind, it is chiefly in what may be called the paroxysm, or in the first […]