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All Florence assembled to witness the spectacle, and patiently endured the peltings of a terrible storm. From the earliest records to the present time, that portion of the coast extending from Cromer to Winterton-ness has been most subjected to the ravages of the ocean; lands have been swept away, buildings […]

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Calm, inflexible self-will, as distinct from passion; 3. We hear every body about us express the like detestation against them. We must in this inquiry begin by defining the social aspect of laughter. That they are not yet out of date is apparent from a copy of a native calendar […]

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Then a man who desired to revenge himself on an enemy asserted that the writing of the latter was like that of the pasquinades. Whereas when I sacrifice my present ease or convenience, for the sake of a greater good to myself at a future period, the same being who […]

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Father Diego Lopez Cogolludo is the best-known historian of Yucatan. Where suzerains were so numerous there was thus ample opportunity for belligerent pleaders to gratify their desires. But we reverence that reserved, that silent and majestic sorrow, which discovers itself only in the swelling of the eyes, in the quivering […]

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thesis tu list. I am tu thesis list alive to a usual objection to what is clearly part of my programme for the _metier_ of poetry. Heat and cold being felt by almost every part of the human body, have commonly been ranked along with solidity and resistance, among the […]

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A like spasmodic outburst of laughter occasionally occurs during a more prolonged state of painful emotional excitement. {310} One other condition seems to be important. That the members of such a board should be mere figure-heads is certainly not to be desired; that they should, either as individuals or collectively, […]

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Now this continued consciousness only serves to connect my past with my present impressions. What they had was their own, developed from their own soil, the outgrowth of their own lives and needs. Both were tied to the same stake; the brother was promptly reduced to ashes, while the flames […]