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They connect them, not only with the splendour of fortune, but with many superior virtues, which they ascribe to their superiors; with the spirit of freedom and {178} independency, with frankness, generosity, humanity, and politeness. To suppose that the imagination does not exert a direct influence over human actions is […]

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Whenever it is unnecessary, and continued too long, it will do more harm than good: the furious will be made more furious, and the suicide more determined to effect his purpose. The Scotchman wisely answered, ‘I had no motive, young man!’ What indeed had he to do after writing the […]

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phd content esl. The faults of style are, of course, personal; the tumultuous outcry of adjectives, the headstrong rush of undisciplined sentences, are the index to the impatience and perhaps laziness of a disorderly mind. From the earliest times, the accused who was ordered to undergo the trial was compelled […]

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There is another respect in which the public library offers an attractive field for exploitation. Brant, in a similar thesis, offered at Giessen, speaks of it as used in some places, chiefly in Westphalia, and argues against it on the ground of its uncertainty.[1045] P. In other words, when any […]

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There are persons who in society in public intercourse, feel no excitement, ‘Dull as the lake that slumbers in the storm,’ but who, when left alone, can lash themselves into a foam. One of them was of noble birth, and on the way to the place of execution the priest […]

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Proposal editing mba dissertation best websites for. In making this distinction I urged trustees to give particular attention to the formulation of such results as they should consider desirable, that librarians on their part might confine themselves more to the consideration of appropriate methods for the attainment of these results. […]

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(2) THE FACTOR OF EMOTION 86 Emotion defined: its manifestations: its control: Ward on emotion: James on emotion: the ?sthetic emotions: Racine and the element of mystery in Art: William Hazlitt on the worship of names: emotional sensibility: ?sthetic appreciation. This is a first principle with him. As long as […]