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Hincmar, the most conspicuous ecclesiastic of his day, stood boldly forth in defence of the unhappy queen, and in his treatise “De Divortio Lotharii et Teutberg?,” although no one at the time seriously thought of impugning the authority of ordeals in general, it suited his purpose to insist upon their […]

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The faults and foibles of Matthew Arnold are no less evident to me now than twelve years ago, after my first admiration for him; but I hope that now, on re-reading some of his prose with more care, I can better appreciate his position. From all this, and also from […]

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Thus commended, that system became part and parcel of secular law, and when the Reformation arose the habits of thought which ages had consolidated were universal. Probably the warrior Aztecs subjected a number of neighboring tribes and imposed upon them rulers.[104] If we accept the date given by the _Codex […]

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Catalog, or average those of several libraries of high class; or one may construct an ideal of one’s own. No doubt, as we shall see, there existed in the old miracle-plays and moralities a simple dramatic form capable of being transformed into comedy. Thus most libraries display without hesitation advertisements […]

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Impact of vote representatives. He flung every one else off his guard, and was himself immoveable. Ten years more of study and reflection taught him a far loftier flight. The Princess Borghese, whose symmetry of form was admirable, sat to him for a model, which he considered as his master-piece […]

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IN the Annual Review of Medicine and Collateral Science for 1818, of the London Medical Repository, the following notice is taken of these Essays.— “In the Philosophical Magazine the reader will find a series of Essays by Mr. I have known the opinions of one department head about another and […]

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When these two last abstruse analogies, which, when Kepler at first observed them, were but little regarded, had been thus found to take place in the revolutions of the Four Satellites of Jupiter, and in those of the Five of Saturn, they were {372} now thought not only to confirm […]

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Our respect for the great, accordingly, is most apt to offend by its excess; our fellow-feeling for the miserable, by its defect. We may now pass to the second of the main types of theory which have been proposed as explanations of the working of the laughable on our feeling […]

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These worlds were threefold. She slily waits around the villages, and when she sees some attractive youth she awakes his attention by tapping on the stones, or in default of these on an empty jar which she carries for the purpose. Thus, in 819, Louis le Debonnaire decreed that, in […]