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“Noun and Verb are not separated; they first become so through the pronoun attached to them. This is often very difficult; a task requiring great tact and no selfishness. To stop at the _mechanical_, and refuse to proceed to the _fine arts_, or churlishly to reject all ornamental studies and […]

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Notes essay 14th gov amendment definition. Even our pretended cordial admiration is only a subterfuge of our vanity. _No._ 11.—_Admitted_ 1793. Mr. When the time came for allotting the plunder, he addressed his men, requesting as a special favor that the vase might be given to him before the division, […]

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THREE KINDS OF LIBRARIANS[15] The human eye is so constituted that it can see clearly but a small part of the field of vision at one time. For Shakespeare it is less than madness and more than feigned. Upon his deathbed, the most ungodlike of all situations, he requested of […]

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In the most approved instrumental Music, accordingly, in the overtures of Handel and the concertos of Correlli, there is little or no imitation, and where there is any, it is the source of but a very small part of the merit of those compositions. It is a view commonly held, […]

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Hardly had the Bourbons, after the overthrow of Napoleon, been reseated on the throne of the Two Sicilies when the restless dissatisfaction of the people seemed to justify the severest measures for the maintenance of so-called order. These cakes are called _hanal pixan_, “the food of the soul.” Evidently they […]

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The first part of this compound, _midu_, means anything of wood or into which wood enters. This page of the Codices gives us therefore a record of a death in the year “10 _tochtli_”—1502—of the utmost importance. There is, therefore, no reason for us to search for an extralimital origin […]

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Mount them on a dinner-table, and they have nothing to say; shut them up in a room by themselves, and they are inspired. 3rdly.—It will be decidedly applicable, where dunes or hills of blown sand from their irregularity, produced from the north-east winds, are reduced to an extent liable to […]

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He appealed to the High Court of the royal council, and the case was referred to a distinguished jurisconsult, Tomaso Grammatico, a member of the council. The word _feeling_, though in many cases we use it as synonymous to _touching_, has, however, a much more extensive signification, and is frequently […]

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Hicks’s expressions that I desire to emphasize it at the close of what I am saying. He recognized various trees, not seen in Canada, by the descriptions he had heard of them. So much has been written upon the Svastika, however, that I need not enter upon its arch?ological distribution. […]