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FIRST FUTURE. I will here add once more that this distinction subsists as necessarily and completely between myself and those who most nearly resemble me as between myself and those whose character and properties are the very opposite of mine: because it does not relate to the difference between one […]

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This artificial commiseration, besides, is not only absurd, but seems altogether unattainable; and those who affect this character have commonly nothing but a certain affected and sentimental sadness, which, without reaching the heart, serves only to render the countenance and conversation impertinently dismal and disagreeable. Although in polysynthesis we speak […]

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Nothing delights him so much, therefore, as the favourable judgments of his friends and of the custom dissertation results ghostwriting service us public; and nothing mortifies him so severely as the contrary. One other illustration of the _role_ of the playful spirit in the sphere of the laughable must not […]

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The difference between an object and a picture of it is physical. The cruel mockery of the _question prealable_ was retained; and in the principal proceedings all the chances were thrown against the prisoner. The relative cold, which they supposed prevailed in the middle region of the Air, upon account […]

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The least stimulus is sufficient to excite them and more is superfluous, for they do not wait for the impression, or stop to inquire what degree or kind it is of. It is the events which were supposed to take place on this journey, and the goals to which it […]

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of anti semitism history the. More has pointed out in an interesting essay, there is a vital weakness in Arnold’s definition of criticism as “the disinterested endeavour to know the best that is known and thought in the world, irrespectively of practice, politics, and everything of the kind.” The “disinterested […]

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All that can ever take place in the imaginary anticipation either of our own feelings or those of others can be nothing more than some sort of transposition and modification of the old ideas of memory, or if there is any thing peculiar to this act of the mind, it […]

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In a sense, emotion is feeling, which is the wider term; it is an effect, which therefore cannot exist without its cause, though the same cause under different circumstances may produce many varied emotions, both in quality and degree. They should really begin with the English.[58] Many of their own […]

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Savonarola declined, except under impossible conditions, but Domenico accepted the challenge and affixed to the portal of Santa Croce a paper in which he offered to prove by argument or miracle the truth of sundry propositions bearing upon his teacher’s mission. Possibly you think that I have been applying the […]