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At an early period, it had even been a matter of dispute whether a Christian magistrate, after baptism, was at liberty to inflict torment and pronounce sentence of death. What is more, Major Powell does not even refer to this structural plan, nor include it in what he terms the […]

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In making use to some extent of Hudson’s theory, I do so not because it is necessarily correct, for his hypothesis was, admittedly, to a certain extent provisional; but because it was the first practical working hypothesis on which all psychic and hypnotic phenomena could be based, and because it […]

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_Cyrano_ satisfies, as far as scenes like this can satisfy, the requirements of poetic drama. Instead of being delighted with the proofs of excellence and the admiration paid to it, we are mortified with it, thrive only by the defeat of others, and live on the carcase of mangled reputation. […]

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The same contempt of death and torture prevails among all other savage nations. A boy, already alluded to, aged about one and a half year, laughed as his aunt asked him what the waves, which he was gravely observing, were saying. The twenty elevations which surround the stone, corresponding in […]

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It cannot therefore exert any power over my present volitions, and actions, unless we suppose it to act before it exists, which is absurd. No matter how like any other impression may be to any of the associated ones,—if it does not agree in place as well as kind, it […]

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Independent and neighbouring nations, having no common superior to decide their disputes, all live in continual dread and suspicion of one another. The French critic observes that M. To be deprived of that which we are possessed of, is a greater evil than to be disappointed of what we have […]

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This doctrine was even supported by the infallible authority of the papacy, as enunciated in 1203 by Innocent III. You will not find among them any developed examples of either rhyme or alliteration; their dialects do not admit of fixed vocalic quantity, like the Latin; even accent and assonance, which […]

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A very common terminal syllable in Maya is _il_. Let us inquire—first, the cause of the German Ocean gaining upon the Norfolk coast? But who believes either that they were all conscious at the time of writing the article, or that he could resuscitate them without much time and trouble […]

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I regard that as the best system, therefore, in which an appointing officer or body, sincerely desirous of making appointments for merit only, is perfectly free to make such appointments in any way that seems proper; and as only the second-best system that in which the appointing power, unwilling to […]