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Those passions arise altogether from the imagination. Not one of these things, I believe, would you have found in a large library fifty years ago, and yet they are probably all, in one shape or another, to be found in all large modern American libraries. They have this mark of […]

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lessons kindergarten for thinking critical. But what is an organ of wit? Take from them their _norma loquendi_, their literal clue, and there is no absurdity into which they will not fall with pleasure. ESSAY XIII ON THE PLEASURE OF HATING There is a spider crawling along the matted floor […]

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3.—Itzmiquilpan. secondly, whether every portion is the subject of such visitation, attended with similar results? Let us, then, take a few of the salient features of library work as they exist to-day and inquire: (1) What is the present situation with regard to each; (2) Is that situation changing; and […]

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This is the greatest nuisance in civilised society. They were but the old everlasting set—Milton and Shakspeare, Pope and Dryden, Steele and Addison, Swift and Gay, Fielding, Smollet, Sterne, Richardson, Hogarth’s prints, Claude’s landscapes, the Cartoons at Hampton-court, and all those things, that, having once been, must ever be. Of […]

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The character of the people, indeed, and of their institutions would seem to be peculiarly incompatible with the use of torture, for almost all cases were submitted to inquests or juries of the vicinage, and, when this was unsuitable, resort was had to the ordeal. No kind of spectacle, perhaps, […]

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It is certain that these tendencies are not learned by imitation. The author stands for much–the style, method of treatment, the fitness to print of what he has to say, the readableness of his book, and so on. Then we have a demand from both sides for a definition of […]

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Of thomas principle essay malthus on population. The word for love in the Guarani is _aihu_, in another form _haihu_, the initial _h_ being dropped in composition. He was a man of character, a man of energy. No book can be good whose author expresses himself in words that are […]

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‘Bottom! Andrew Carnegie’s offer to build branch libraries, coming at about this time, made it possible to reinforce this hint very effectively. Let us now return to a further statement of the position of Utilitarianism as dealt with by J. If approbation and disapprobation, therefore, were, like gratitude and resentment, […]

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The most ancient that I have met with occurs in an Anglo-Saxon formulary which is supposed to date from about A.?D. They are unquestionably of the same character as the Manuscripts, although it is also easy to perceive variations, which are partly owing to the necessary differences in technique between […]