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The graver poets and philosophers—and poetry and philosophy were in those days seldom disunited—built up some airy and beautiful system of mysticism, each following his own devices, and suiting the erection to his own peculiarities of hope and inclination; and this being once accomplished, the mind appears to have felt […]

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Laboral objetivo modelo vitae de curriculum. 7). Ebroin, however, had astutely removed the holy remains from their cases in advance, and when he thus got his enemy in his power, he held it but a venial indiscretion to expose Martin to a shameful death.[55] How thoroughly this was in accordance […]

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He redoubles his attention to his old friends, and endeavours more than ever to be humble, assiduous, and complaisant. 266, 267, 270). It is this third process that is often omitted even in serious cyclopedic work, and the result is inaccuracy. Thus in his celebrated portrait of Hippolito de Medici, […]

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It would be of the greatest consequence to the animal that chanced to be in the play-mood and wished to make overtures of friendly combat that he should be sure of an equally gamesome attitude in the recipient of the challenge. Hence the origin of Polytheism, and of that vulgar […]

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oswald hypothesis experiment avery. The oath naturally formed an integral portion of the ordeal. and bowed himself down over a seat in the church (where the corp were inspected), wiping his father’s innocent blood off his own murdering hands upon his cloaths.” When such was the spirit of the prosecution […]

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Then all these faculties manifest the greatest energy. Fancy bore sway in him; and so vivid were his impressions, that they included the substances of things in them. In the following chapter I propose to analyse that variety of the laughing temper which seems in a peculiar way to be […]

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Thirty-seven years, and died at Caistor in 1459. In some cases I have made them translate a work on the nature and effects of _their secret vice_, and it has silently checked this habit, and at last restored them. I would have this fact realized in its fullest meaning by […]

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Mac-Intosh is no doubt a man of a very clear understanding, of an imposing elocution, a very able disputant, and a very metaphysical lawyer, but by no means a profound metaphysician, not quite a Berkeley in subtlety of distinction. They illustrate the crankiness, the eccentricity, which frequently affects writers outside […]

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Dr. The changes were like those in a pantomime. From the point of view of literature, the drama is only one among several poetic forms. Massinger is not simply a smaller personality: his personality hardly exists. Lords and fiddlers, authors and common councilmen, editors of newspapers and parliamentary speakers meet […]