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We have been lightly skimming the surface of a subject vital to all who have to do with the production and distribution of books–to authors, editors, publishers, booksellers, and above all to us librarians. 156), enjoin its members from taking part in such combats and from adjudging them in their […]

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The librarian of to-day finds out the trouble and then tries to remedy it. The sufferer can only complain, and the spectator can intermeddle no other way than by advice and persuasion. His jests shall be echoed with loud laughter, because his own lungs begin to crow like chanticleer, before […]

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A wise man may frequently neglect praise, even when he has best deserved it; but, in all matters of serious consequence, he will most carefully endeavour so to regulate his conduct as to avoid, not only blame-worthiness, but, as much as possible, every probable imputation of blame. Swinburne’s judgment is […]

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100 advantages disadvantages computer essay of and ielts. ‘Is the _Vuch_ about to be?’ “Ve, x-cha ri mama. The various senses or powers of perception (Treatise of the Passions) from which the human mind derives all its simple ideas, were, according to this system, of two different kinds, of which […]

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And Sylvester II. We readily therefore sympathize with the grateful affection which he conceives for a person to whom he has been so much obliged; and consequently applaud the returns which he is disposed to make for the good offices conferred upon him. It would have been regarded, I suppose, […]

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To this tendency of the human mind is attributable the almost universal adoption of the so-called Judgment of God, by which men, oppressed with doubt, have essayed in all ages to relieve themselves from responsibility by calling in the assistance of Heaven. By which I mean that when we have […]

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A commercial firm, which had issued a good book on a subject connected with its business, offered to print for various libraries, at its own expense, a good list of works on this subject on condition that it should be allowed to advertise its own book on the last page. […]