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Church and school, for one reason or another, real or imaginary, were out of the question, and they came to the library. Even the clapping of hands by the solemn-looking spectators sounds stiff and mechanical. i, p. Perhaps nowhere do we find the human mind to have been more strangely […]

Privacy vs. justice

privacy vs. justice. We laugh at the grave and careful faces of a city guard, which so little resemble those of their profession. After much parleying, the delicate question was thus settled. You know that in English the vowels A, E, I, O, U, and the consonants, as such, F, […]

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This is the case especially at our Municipal Reference Branch in the City Hall, where we have few books, properly so called, many reports, pamphlets and clippings, properly indexed, and a great deal of manuscript material, gathered by correspondence in answer to queries and waiting for more queries on the […]

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In themselves, and independent of their connection with the tangible objects which they represent, they are of no importance to us, and can essentially neither benefit us nor hurt us. Yet without the actor’s visible embodiment of the part, the full impression of a concrete individual would be difficult within […]

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Perhaps, indeed, it may be regarded as the highest phase and completion of this liberty. All the principles applicable to the management of children, are equally applicable to them. From some cause the combat did not take place, and the Christian prelate seized the arms and horses of the parties […]

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123 videos othello essay. How unnatural, how impiously ungrateful, not to reverence the precepts that were prescribed to him by the infinite goodness of his Creator, even though no punishment was to follow their violation. Moreover, the book appears with an historical introduction by Mr. Newton, however, preferred his mechanical […]

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essay questions application college sample writing. These four rays represent, according to the unanimous interpretation of the Indians, the four directions defined by the apparent motions of the sun, the East and West, the North and South. In this department he endeavoured to act as properly as he could, and […]

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So in the acquisition of knowledge or of skill, it is the transition from perplexity and helplessness, that relieves and delights us; it is the surprise occasioned by the unfolding of some new aspect of nature, that fills our eyes with tears and our hearts with joy; it is the […]

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Contest history writing essay. _Hun chi_, from the mouth, _chi_, to the ground. In the absence of better evidence, the fact that the smile appears first in the life of the child must, according to a well-known law of evolution, be taken as favouring the hypothesis that man’s remote ancestors […]