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Cosway is the last of these I shall mention. It is this feeling, on the part of many poets, that the familiar things of life are beneath their notice, that has made poetry so long unpopular. of Navarre ordered a judicial duel at Pau between two contestants, of whom the […]

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But I shall wave these Reflections at present, however just, and come closer to our Argument. IT appears, from the observations of Mr. Indeed, I know no other tribe in America where the genuine fun-loving spirit bubbles forth so freely. When the soul of man or woman is held captive […]

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The Russian Mir, or communal society, is evidently a development of the original family; while the Ruskaia Prawda, the earliest extant code, promulgated by Yaroslav Vladomirovich in the eleventh century, allows the relatives of a murdered man either to kill the murderer or to accept a _wer-gild_ from him. There […]

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accused wrongly essay. It follows that accused wrongly essay the influences that bear strongest upon them also bear upon the child. With Rostand the centre of gravity is in the expression of the emotion, not as with Maeterlinck in the emotion which cannot be expressed. The former were classified practically […]

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These therefore, were by Empedocles, and the other philosophers of the Italian school, supposed to be the elements, out of which, at least, all the inferior parts of nature were composed. _No._ 29.—_Admitted_ 1808.—_Aged_ 47. It is that same ancient prejudice which led the old Greeks to call all those […]

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In the process known as _Satane_ a person sits on the ground with a branch of the bale tree planted opposite to him; rice is handed to him to eat in the name of each village of the district, and when the one is named in which the culprit lives, […]

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The librarian then pursues whatever course seems good to him. There are those who, if you praise _Walton’s Complete Angler_, sneer at it as a childish or old-womanish performance: some laugh at the amusement of fishing as silly, others carp at it as cruel; and Dr. Darapsky in his recently […]

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If it were possible, in the same manner, that a man could be born without the Sense of Touching, that of Seeing could never alone suggest to him the idea of Solidity, or enable him to form any notion of the external and resisting substance. To these objections from the […]