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help bibliography writing annotated political science. Laughter is not, however, always of this reflex form. It is as full of the feeling of pastoral simplicity and ease, as portrait-painting is of personal vanity and egotism. This dislike, again, is due, as we have seen, to a natural feeling of resentment […]

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In the last article I tried to point out the importance of the relation of the poem to other poems by other authors, and suggested the conception of poetry as a living whole of all the poetry that has ever been written. The associated idea either of a particular purpose, […]

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They connect them, not only with the splendour of fortune, but with many superior virtues, which they ascribe to their superiors; with the spirit of freedom and {178} independency, with frankness, generosity, humanity, and politeness. To suppose that the imagination does not exert a direct influence over human actions is […]

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Whenever it is unnecessary, and continued too long, it will do more harm than good: the furious will be made more furious, and the suicide more determined to effect his purpose. The Scotchman wisely answered, ‘I had no motive, young man!’ What indeed had he to do after writing the […]

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It is with his shame, not with his sorrow. Their ignorance, and confusion of thought, necessarily gave birth to that pusillanimous superstition, which ascribes almost every unexpected event, to the arbitrary will of some designing, though invisible beings, who produced it for some private and particular purpose. In verse, however, […]